Change all to UPPERCASE (or lowercase) – the quick and dirty way

Changing text case in Excel can be accomplished in many ways. For this quick and dirty tip, I actually recommend using a feature of Word. There’s probably a Very Good Reason why Microsoft included this handy shortcut in Word and not in Excel, but I have no idea what that Very Good Reason might be.

Say you have a list (or column) in Excel that looks like this:

To kiLL a MockinGBird
RoMeo and julieT
The GReat gatsBY
the CATCHer in the RYE

While you might be tempted to just retype each item in all uppercase or all lowercase, that would be a nightmare for longer lists!

Instead, open an empty Word document.

  1. Copy (ctrl + c) your list from Excel and paste it (ctrl + v) into Word.
    Hint: You can paste it as a table if that will help keep layout or formatting.
  2. In Word, select all (ctrl + a), and press shift + F3 on your keyboard.
  3. Keep pressing shift + F3 until your list is all in the case you want it in.
  4. Copy (ctrl + c) and paste (ctrl + v) the list back into Excel, and you’re done!
ORIGINAL SHIFT + F3 once SHIFT + F3 twice SHIFT + F3 thrice
To kiLL a MockinGBird TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD to kill a mockingbird To kill a mockingbird
RoMeo and julieT ROMEO AND JULIET romeo and juliet Romeo and juliet
The GReat gatsBY THE GREAT GATSBY the great gatsby The great gatsby
the CATCHer in the RYE THE CATCHER IN THE RYE the catcher in the rye The catcher in the rye

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