Change all to Title Case

I’ve covered the quick and dirty way to change all text to UPPERCASE or lowercase in Excel by using Word and the shift + F3 trick, but that will not work for Title Case.

Say you have a list (or column) in Excel that looks like this:

To kiLL a MockinGBird
RoMeo and julieT
The GReat gatsBY
the CATCHer in the RYE

To make the first letter of every word in a cell uppercase (Title Case), use the PROPER function.

  1. In a blank column, type =PROPER(A1) where “A1” is the first cell of the list you are trying to change.
  2. Fill that formula down to the bottom of the list.
  3. Then, you can copy the now properly formatted list and “paste as values” into a new column OR over your original data.

Proper Case Function

Other Useful Text Case Functions in Excel

  • =UPPER(A1) – changes all text in a cell to UPPERCASE
  • =LOWER(A1) – changes all text in a cell to lowercase

What are your thoughts?