Alert: Adobe Flash update auto-installs McAfee Security Scan

Unfortunately, Adobe’s latest Flash Player update (which runs videos and interactive things on the web) automatically includes an installation of “McAfee Security Scan.”

While this will not harm your computer, it can be confusing to see or find it installed without your acknowledgement. Shame on Adobe for this terrible practice!

If I am connected to your computer via Soluto (join my Soluto!), I have likely already updated Flash for you in a way that will not install the McAfee “crapware.” Otherwise, please DO update Flash if/when you are prompted to do so because updates often close important security holes/exploits.

If you have already updated Flash, the “version information” box at the following link should read “11.9.900.152”:

To uninstall McAfee Security Scan or to see if it is installed, follow the steps here:

Happy computing!

What are your thoughts?