Excel Training Slide Deck & Worksheets

This was a 2hr all staff training I conducted on Excel. Each slide is designed to be usable as a one-page reference.

The first half is appropriate for the most basic users (and more advanced users can benefit from refreshers and the shared language). The second half is appropriate for more advanced users (and basic users can benefit from seeing what is possible, if not understanding how to do it).

Please feel free to share these materials with others, and let me know if you have any questions.

Download all Files: Slides & Worksheets (FREE or Donation)

Today’s Date in a Cell

Need to quickly put today’s date in a cell? There are two ways depending on the desired result.

1) =TODAY() will update the date in the cell every time the file is opened. If today is March 12, 2014, that is what the cell will read. However, when the file is opened again in three days, it will read “March 15, 2014” because the function will update the contents of the cell.

2) Ctrl + ; will insert today’s date as text into a cell. This is helpful for documents that track when things were completed, as the date will not change when the document is re-opened at a later time.

Multiple Windows & Arranging Views in Excel

Using appropriate “view” tools in Excel can help you better navigate worksheets and files. This guide shows how to freeze rows and columns, split a worksheet into panes that scroll separately, and how to show multiple windows side by side.

Click to download the Arranging Views Guide (FREE)
Click to download the Arranging Views Guide (Donation)

Arranging Views 150 x 150